Combining Western and South American Business Culture.

International business development and management standards.

Broad network to international and national investors.

Solid understanding of legal business environment.

Cultural differences often create barriers in business execution and partnerships but also opportunities.

We help to establish the right balance between necessary level of creativity and need for solid business processes.

Your company creates visibility and competitiveness through clear differentiation, value strategies

and scalability. We mentor you through the process of solid strategy development and deployment as

well as the implementation of international business management standards. Thus you are gaining the

trust of potential investors and international partners for the global commercialization of your

products and services.

Together we are establishing a value adding investor strategy to identify and connect you with the right investor out of our portfolio. We consult in the preparation of the investors presentation and mediate

the contract negotiation process.

Non Disclosure Agreements, Sales & Purchase Agreements and other legal documents are necessary to ensure a solid foundation for any partnership. Our legal expertise supports you through reviewing and consulting to establish a balanced legal relationship between your company and your future partners.